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The Isle Of South Uist

The Great Outdoors

Scotland can be the place for a fantastic family beach holiday, as the photo to the left shows, and South Uist features miles of golden coastline broken only by rocky outcrops and the dune formations which encompass the Askernish golf course.

There are many advantages to an island holiday, and one of which has got to be the almost deserted beaches and coastline and the peace that comes with it.

With only a few degrees celcius between the north and south of Great Britain during peak summer choosing one of the islands for your family holiday is a must.

Whilst on one side of the islands there are miles of sandy sections of beach awaiting your exploration, the other presents a completely different geology and with it a range of mountainous terrian perfect for challenging walks, particularly to the top of rocky peaks where you can experience the amazing views of the Isle of South Uist and its close neighbours.


South Uist has several sea lochs, and also a number of freshwater lochs perfect for relaxing and peaceful fishing.

Salmon and trout are a common catch in the lochs with fly fishing one of the reasons to visit the island, although angling is strictly controlled here on the island.

Nearby Islands

Keen golfers will want to stay on South Uist and play Askernish golf course again, and again, and probably again!

But for families and non-golfers once you have explored some of the island you may want to travel north or south and see what else is on offer south at Eriskay, the stepping stone of Benbecula that divides the Uists and the low lying North Uist.

There are many things to do both indoors and outdoors across the islands that make up Uist, catering for singles, couples and families, artists and energetic explorers, whatever your reason for visiting South Uist, an experience awaits that will capture your spirit and imagination, you may leave South Uist, but to put a spin on a well known cliche, South Uist will never leave you.

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